This Bridge Will Make You Want to Travel to Germany

Gareth Goes Places - Geierlay

If you’re an adventurer like me, love heights and don’t mind a slight thrill-seeking trip then you’ll love this bridge in Germany.

That bridge is of-course, Germany’s longest suspension bridge, Geierlay.

This 360m long and 100m high bridge is located out in Germany’s beautiful countryside.

Geierlay Bridge
Geierlay Bridge

After an hour’s hike from Buch to Mörsdorf, passing through small beautiful towns we eventually arrived.

The paved walk towards the bridge was very nice, lots of scenery to take in and a great stroll. There’s also a little food van at the start of the paved walk way. They served very tasty warm food and had a variety of drinks available, at reasonable prices too.

I’d recommend the Curryverst sausage – that was lush!

After admiring the beautiful scenery, we were very excited to begin the walk across the bridge.

We arrived around three in the afternoon, at that time, it was very busy – although really enjoyed the experience walking across the bridge with the slight sways, we ended up staying until 8pm so we could capture some shots when it was less busy.

It was worth it.


The untouched surroundings of the bridge made it much more exciting and breath-taking.

It takes around six minutes to walk across the bridge, but for us, it was little longer due to taking pictures.

Gareth Goes Places - Geierlay
Gareth Goes Places – Geierlay

Come to think of it, we must have crossed the bridge at least 8 times… maybe more?

If you’re looking to travel to Germany any time soon, I’d highly recommend visiting this bridge.

Bridge Address:
Geierlay Visitor Center
Kastellaun Straße 23
56290 Mörsdorf

For our trip from London Stansted to Germany, Frankfurt Hahn with a return flight and an AirBnB , our total cost was £75. 

Crazy, right?


  • It looks like an awesome bridge and that shot of you spanning the bridge is scary. I hope you are careful when you try something like this !

  • I’m sure I’d visit this bridge one day Gareth! I love bridges because they connect one place to another. and that photo where your on both edges of the handle was rad! Would surely do that too when I got there! Hah!

  • Oh! This bridge looks crazy and like a path to nowhere. The surroundings around are lush green and your pictures are cool. Were you not scared spanning that bridge. I would love to visit this bridge myself once around 🇩🇪

  • Wow, what a beautiful bridge. Who would have thought that Germany has this stunning and interesting bridge. Wow, you didn’t even scared to traipse your feet on that bridge. Truly, this should be something I check If I get the chance to travel to Germany soon. This is the kind of travel adventure I really love. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • 75 GBP is roughly 4,500 INR…In this money, I can fly to Mumbai one way, and here you have gone all the way to this bridge, and had fun too.
    Keep writing such interesting stuff. Are you planning to come to India?

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