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Put the Pedal to the Metal with CarShop GB


Last weekend was amazing. The CarShop in Northampton hooked me up with a Ford Focus ST3 for three days, because I’m at the stage of needing a new car. After driving around in the SEAT Ibiza 2016 for two years, it was a nice feeling to hop in a different car, the latest model of the Ford Focus ST3 was an ideal fit for me.

The CarShop experience was fantastic, the team there were very friendly and helped narrow down a few cars suitable for what  I was looking to achieve. With such a smooth experience and process, no wonder they’ve won so many awards… Best Used Car Independent Retailer of the Year 2017 and Best Dealer Website 2017 just to name two of them!

CarShop Website Northampton
CarShop Website Northampton

With over 4,000 cars in stock to look at online, I had a brief idea of the car I was looking for. Something sturdy with speed to enjoy road trips and make the commute to work even more exciting. CarShop is pretty flexible when it comes to purchasing a car. You’ll have the option to buy it outright or finance it, of which an application can be started in less than a minute.

If you’re looking to get rid of your existing car, then trading it in is also an option to consider. You can even get an evaluation on the website!

Now it’s time for the full CarShop experience and the road trip that took place at the weekend!

My CarShop Experience

My experience with CarShop GB first began when pulling up to the Northampton site. (Easy to find and very spacious, with plenty of cars on the premises to look around. They even had a Tesla!) One of the CarShop salesmen directed me to one of two showrooms, of which I was then greeted by another member of staff, he was very friendly and made me feel welcomed.

Showroom 2 at CarShop Northampton
Showroom 2 at CarShop Northampton

I had a quick general chat whilst looking at cars before sitting down and the salesman collecting my information, evaluating what payment plan is suitable for myself and showing the options of cars available. In the end, picking the Ford Focus ST3 was a perfect choice, it was ideal for road trips and general day-to-day driving and commuting.

Next up was discussing the finance options with a business specialist. This didn’t take long at all. Before I knew it, it was time for the big reveal! I’ve never experienced anything like it before, so CarShop did an incredible job. They covered the Ford Focus ST3 with a cloth making purchasing a vehicle from CarShop an exciting memorable experience.

Ford Focus ST3 Car Reveal at CarShop Northampton
Ford Focus ST3 Car Reveal at CarShop Northampton

From the start of taking off the cloth to driving away, I had a huge smile on my face and was very excited to get behind the wheel of this beautiful blue Ford Focus ST3 which came equipped with all the tech, heated seats, top notch leather seats etc…it had everything!

The Road Trip

Prior to getting the car, I had some road trip locations in mind. It was either Cheddar Gorge, Black Mountain Pass or the Peak District. Cheddar Gorge was chosen and so the adventure began.

As it was getting a little late that day, I decided to go for a mini drive and get used to the car and its features.

The next day I set off on the road. Three hours away from Northampton and I reached the final destination – Cheddar Gorge. Wow! What an incredible road trip that was. Although it was a three-hour journey, it didn’t seem to take too long. Cruising along the motorway and the backroads with my iPhone connected to Apple CarPlay just made the journey even more exciting, listening to music, heated seats, brilliant audio system and many other features and gadgets making the whole journey comfortable.

Once I arrived at Cheddar Gorge, I was amazed at how beautiful the surroundings were. Driving through Cheddar Gorge was an experience itself, letting alone getting out and exploring!

I stopped a few times to snap a few pictures of the beast before getting back in and driving more. After having an exciting and incredible drive throughout Cheddar Gorge, I parked up and explored the area on foot taking in all the stunning views. It was an amazing weekend.

Overall, this was a very exciting and memorable experience. CarShop did an amazing job when it came to helping choose the right car. The whole process was smooth and an experience itself. If you’re looking for a new car, or want to see what’s out there on the market or even thinking of trading in your current car, then giving CarShop GB a try is highly recommend!


Lagoon Spa Seminyak Review


A spa treatment is a wonderful idea when abroad and wanting to relax and unwind. During my stay at Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa in Bali, I was treated to a two-hour spa treatment of my choice at the Lagoon Spa Seminyak. It’s been quite a few months since I had a massage, so I was excited about this.

Lagoon Spa Seminyak – My Experience

Upon arriving at the award-winning luxury spa, I was greeted by very welcoming receptionists and the masseuse. The building is pretty easy to find and as soon as you enter the area, you’ll already start to feel relaxed due to the comfortable and beautiful surrounding interior. The Spa itself is clean, has plenty to offer and beautifully designed.

After I had a welcome drink, I was asked to complete a little form which took a minute or two and then I was lead around the property for a quick tour before my massage began. I decided to choose the Seminyak Estate Massage and the Seminyak Estate Facial. Both of which were amazing.

Seminyak Estate Massage:

“Seminyak Estate signature massage in a unique combination technique of Shiatsu, Balinese massage using palm, thumb pressure, arm and long strokes with warm massage oil to release muscular tension, tightness and promote relaxation.”

Seminyak Estate Facial:

“Our signature facial is made from fresh natural ingredients of yoghurt, honey, brown sugar, cucumber, egg. It is nutrient rich ingredients and recommended for all type of skin complete with head and hand massage.”

Once I entered the private luxury treatment villa, I was asked to take my clothes off and put on their massage pants and then lay on the bed. I did, of course, have a towel to cover me up and the therapist left the room.

The treatment was very relaxing and quiet allowing me to rest and unwind. I was surprised with all the oils and creams plus the back massage was truly amazing.  Although, I didn’t expect the treatment to begin with a foot wash, however, it was nice.

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the facial scrub, it felt a little rough at times but in the end, after the treatment, it felt nice and smooth.

Overall, the treatment was extremely good, the staff were very friendly and welcoming in a professional manner. I can see why they were awarded the 2017 Global Winner of World Luxury Spa Awards.

If you’re looking for a luxury treatment whilst in Bali, I highly recommend looking at their treatments and consider giving them a go. Click here to visit their site.

Disclosure: My treatment was complimentary by Seminyak Estate & Spa, but all views are my own and reflect my stay accurately.

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My Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

I’m a big cocktail lover, especially when I’m travelling and abroad in the sunny countries – a cocktail is always tempting. When I was invited to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali and join in on a cocktail masterclass, there was no second thinking. I never made cocktails before so this experience was a must!

Hard Rock Hotel Cocktail Masterclass Experience

Before I began the masterclass, I was greeted by the Yudha, the master of the cocktails at Hard Rock Hotel Bali. He told me a bit about himself and his background of making cocktails at the hotel whilst we were both sipping on cocktails.

The cocktail masterclass was set-up at the Hard Rock Hotel Centerstage entrance. The beautiful interior and stylish ambience set the scene for the session to begin. During the session, the mixologist, Yudha, shared various interesting tips and tricks when it comes to making cocktails and grabbing people’s attention for them to come over and to be served by you.

Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

During the experience, I made three different cocktails, a Mojito, B53 and a sex on the beach. They were carefully planned, mixed, tried and tested.

From start to finish, I added each ingredient to the cocktail shaker as directed by Yudha. Carefully measuring, pouring and shaking to create the perfect cocktail.

Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Learning about all the ingredients I added and seeing the end result was real added value. The master of cocktail making, Yudha, shared his knowledge with me to create the tasty cocktails. It wasn’t all work though, it was done in a fun and exciting way.

Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

The cocktail masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali is perfect for those adults looking to have a fantastic time and create memorable experiences with lots of humour and fun involved.

Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Cocktail Masterclass at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

The masterclass cocktail sessions run daily from 3 pm to 7 pm at the Centerstage. They are priced at 181k (local currency) nett per person. You can find out more about the cocktail making masterclass here.

Disclosure: My experience at the cocktail masterclass was hosted by Hard Rock Hotel Bali, but all views are my own and reflect my experience accurately.