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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

8 Epic Reasons To Visit Prague


Ask any traveller who’s been to Europe and visited Prague, no-doubt they’ll say it’s one of the most stunning and fun cities they’ve visited. That’s because of many reasons, not just the architecture, history or the very cheap beer! In this Prague travel guide, you’ll find 10 exciting reasons to visit Prague, Czech Republic.

8 Reasons You Should Travel Prague

1. Breathtaking attractions

If I were to list all the attractions in Prague, I’d be here all day. The list is endless, it’s a beautiful city that you can return to again and again and visit new attractions because there’s just so many of them. I’ve visited twice and loved every moment of both trips. There’s still much more for me to discover there so maybe another trip back to this beautiful city in the future is needed.

Prague Attractions
Prague Attractions

From the Castle District to the Jewish District, from Old Town to New Town, you can’t miss the breathtaking architecture and stunning views. Some of which will leave you lost for words.

2. It’s cheap!

One of the biggest reasons people tend to travel Prague is due to how cheap it is.

Accommodation in Prague can be pretty cheap, but don’t get me started on the meals and beers. If you visit a local restaurant you’ll pay less than $3 for a meal. Beers are even cheaper than that! You’ll pay roughly $2 in a bar and less than a dollar if you buy from shops.

The further you go out, the cheaper it gets.

Quick stop at Kampa Park
Quick stop at Kampa Park

Whilst there are the finer options which are a little more pricey, like dining out at top restaurants such as Kampa Park, it’s definitely worth it. Especially when you can sit down and throw back a glass of wine with a brilliant view like this.

3. Events and special ceremonies

Prague has various events annually which will make your trip memorable. Quite a lot of them are free and are seasonal events, holiday parades and sometimes specific markets for special occasions, like the winter Christmas market. These events will allow you to experience Czech culture in exciting interesting ways. Best of all, you will capture some great pictures too!

When I visited Prague this year, I caught a special ceremony taking place at Prague Castle. Whilst it was very busy, it was quite interesting and a little different from usual.

4. Public transport

The majority of Prague’s most interesting sights can be reached on foot. For both of my visits, I mostly walked everywhere as the main attractions are all local. I also personally prefer walking as you get to find hidden sights such as the John Lennon wall.

If walking doesn’t appeal to you, or the weather isn’t great, you should consider utilising Prague’s public transport options. Whether you decide to hop on a metro or tram, they are both fairly cheap. Taxis, however, can also be very cheap, but just make sure you use a reliable trust-worthy taxi company. I would recommend using the AAA Taxis.

Prague Transportation
Prague Transportation

5. Prague is a safe city!

I’ve visited Prague twice and have both times been walking around the city at night to capture and take in the beautiful views at night. From my own experience and reading about Prague, it’s classed as one of the safest cities in the world. You won’t need to worry about major crimes like robberies, kidnapping etc.

Of course, there are pickpocketers but just keep an eye on your stuff and you’ll be fine, like most people.

View of Prague
View of Prague

6. Nightlife and clubs:

Prague’s nightlife is great! It’s pretty lively and offers a lot. From pubs to jazz clubs to live music to modern clubs, there’s something to do in the evenings. All of which serve the famous Czech beer – which again, is very cheap!

Prague at night
Prague at night

If the club scene isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty other things to do such as the museums, shops and even some night tours such as the ghostly tour telling you Prague’s darkest and scariest secrets.

Prague Nightlife
Prague Nightlife (source)

7. Admire the architecture

The architecture in Prague is stunning. There’s so much to look, especially the churches and other important buildings which are still intact today. When exploring Prague, you’ll notice a lot of the city has a mix of gothic and renaissance architecture.

Stunning Architecture in Prague
Stunning Architecture in Prague (source)

Prague seriously is breathtaking and there are lots of interesting tours that take you on a trip to really see the best architecture in Prague along with the beautiful interior designs.

8. Find out where Franz Kafka grew up

Franz Kafka German-speaking Bohemian Jew was born and grew up on the streets of Prague, quite close to Old Town Square. He had a big passion for writing and soon become one of the major figures of the 20th-century literature. Before that, he was a lawyer who worked at an insurance company.

Franz Kafka's grave in the Jewish Cemetery
Franz Kafka’s grave in the Jewish Cemetery (source)

The Franz Kafka Monument also known as the Statue of Franz Kafka can be found outside the Quadrio Shopping Center.

kinetic Head of Franz Kafka
kinetic Head of Franz Kafka