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Germany Travel Itinerary 2017

As part of my goal to visit 25 countries before turning 25, Germany was one of many on my list.

I booked a trip to Germany with a friend of mine for a long weekend break to go for a few hikes and visit some interesting places.

One of which I have finally ticked off my bucket list.

đź“· @garethgoesplaces

That of course, is Germany’s longest suspension bridge. 100 metres high and 300 metres long, the experience of walking across this was amazing. The views were incredible.

Planning the Germany trip itinerary was a challenge. We had two full days to ourselves in order to visit as much as we could. There were so many places I’d have loved to go but due to the distances and how long we were there for, we had to decide on the main attractions local to where we wanted to go.

However, we managed to visit quite a few for the time we were there for.

Here’s what the itinerary looked like for our Germany trip.

Tip: When planning an itinerary, I always tend to use Google Maps and it’s suggested 
driving times, walking times and other various transport times, whilst taking into 
account breaks for lunch, drinks and photo opportunities. Sometimes it’s so much 
cheaper to walk to another location rather than using a Taxi or another means of 
transport. We walked an hour to get to another town rather than spending €20 on Taxi 
fares there and back, best thing of all, we came across plenty of spots for photos.

Day 1: Buch, Morz, Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay, Mörsdorf

After arriving at Frankfurt Hahn, early in the morning, arriving 20 minutes ahead of schedule thanks to Ryan Air, we managed to get off and hop in a taxi to our Airbnb destination, Beller Weg, Buch, Germany.

The location of our Airbnb had its ups and downs, it was an amazing location surrounded by various hiking routes, but with its positives, came a few negatives, one being the majority of the town’s shops were closed – thankfully, we had eaten at the airport before leaving.

After exploring our temporary home town, we began our trek out to Germany’s longest suspension bridge, Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay.

This was a nightmare at first.

We decided to follow the route displayed on my friend’s phone, taking us through a small forest and many fields only to come to several electric fences with overgrown fields and trees blocking our route.

Come to think of it, maybe the farmers didn’t appreciate it and decided to block it off!

So, after an hour or two of trying different routes to get over and around these obstacles, we decided to come back to the Airbnb and grab a glass of water and fill up some bottles. We didn’t think of taking any drinks with us! – Stupid, I know.

After downing several glasses of water, we set out again, for the second time, following a new route on my phone. We eventually got there passing through a few towns, saving us €40 to get to our destination. (Props to Google Maps!)

Although it took us 2 hours to get to this location via walking on the side of the roads, taking short cuts and passing through a farm we come across so many amazing photo opportunities which I couldn’t miss out on.

Morz: Time for a drink

During our walk, we had drunk almost all of our water.

We needed more.

I noticed on Google Maps there was a local hotel restaurant open in Morz, so we decided to stop there for a quick drink and a short rest – carrying a load of camera equipment and a tripod throughout the day was a little tough but it was totally worth it.

Morz is a beautiful small village and it’s the first one we came across that actually had a restaurant which was open. We timed our trip right and got some brilliant weather, this worked in our favour and gave us a bit of a base tan!

After stopping off for a quick refreshment, we began to set off again and continue our walk to the bridge.

An hour later, we arrived.

We could see the bridge from the road we walked along.

The view of the Geierlay
bridge during the hike to get there!

It was amazing, we literally couldn’t wait to get closer and step a foot on the bridge and walk across.

Thankfully, just before the short scenic walk to get on the bridge, there was a little food van, I decided to go for the currywurst and a bottle of beer. Very refreshing!

Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay: The Bridge!

The main reason we decided to come to Germany – the suspension bridge!

We arrived here shortly after 3pm, at that time, it was very busy!

Trying to get a clear shot of the bridge without people was impossible, so, we ended up exploring around the bridge and stayed till around six o’clock and at that time, we managed to get a load of shots with hardly anyone on the bridge!

The wait was worth it.

đź“· @garethgoesplaces

Believe it or not, we didn’t actually leave the bridge until around 8pm.

At that time, we were getting hungry but we didn’t plan it out too well and erm, let’s just say, we didn’t make it in time to a restaurant.

We just wanted to explore, explore and explore.

Thanks to our Airbnb host, Rebekkah, she saved us some Pizza in the oven.


After finding a quicker route home, through almost a pitch black highway, we got back and loaded up the oven with some delicious pizza slices.

Day 2: Burg Balduinseck, Mastershausen, Bell, Kastellaun

Although we got back very late and had a very early morning, we didn’t let that stop us from waking up early to make the most of our day.

We knew the bakery was closed the day before, but we decided to give it a shot and see if it’d be open.

We were very lucky.

The bakery was closed – but a mini bakery van had just turned up along the way.

Packed full of mouth-watering pastries, I had a hard time choosing what to pick! Eventually, I choose a few pastries and they were absolutely amazing. I couldn’t tell you how good they were, you’d have to try them yourself. Any pastry lover will understand what I mean.

After a breakfast, we began our short walk to Burg Balduinseck. A castle ruin just a short thirty-minute walk from Buch.

Burg Balduinseck

Burg Balduinseck

Once we arrived, I was straight up the steps and exploring, climbing some parts to get a better view and find out more about this Ruin in Buch, Rhein-HunsrĂĽck.

Before castle Balduinseck was described as neglected in 1711 and in 1780 as decayed, it actually looked a quite nice! For those interested, the castle is 300 metres above sea level and was originally created around 1325.

Burg Balduinseck

Whilst there wasn’t too much to do at this location, it was quite interesting to explore the surrounding areas and read about the ruin and what had looked like beforehand.

The Forest Hike

Once we had taken enough pictures of the ruin and spent a while exploring the surrounding areas, we set off on a hike through the local forest heading towards Kastellaun – the main town which had shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs – literally everything Buch didn’t have!

It took us just over three hours, passing through various photo opportunities in the forest and some mysterious spots.

We also passed what seemed like a blocked off mine.

Still not entirely sure what the place was but it did look quite interesting and if it were possible to explore inside, I might have gone for a little wander.

The mine we came across during our hike through the forest

Continuing our journey, we came across a nice little area to sit down and relax before adventuring up a very steep hill for quite some time to reach the top of the forest and walk along the fields towards Bell.

Such a small beautiful town, Bell, was just a very short distance from Kastellaun.

We knew we were very close.

30 minutes or so later…

We arrived!

As soon as we walked further into the town, we nipped in a burger place and got some very scrumptious chilli cheese burger with chips. Perfect timing.

Coming to the end of the afternoon, we had stopped off at Neto – because, why not?

We grabbed some food for dinner and a few drinks to keep us going.

Passing through Kastellaun, one thing we noticed was the very tall ruined medieval castle.

It wasn’t too long till we were already up at the top of the castle.

Overlooking the town sitting on the edge of the castle walls – such beautiful views.

Overlooking the town sitting on the wall of Kastellaun C
Overlooking the town sitting on the wall of Kastellaun Castle

Sadly, we couldn’t spend all evening there as we still had to get back and sort dinner, pack and get some sleep before waking up at 4 in the morning…

Once we arrived back at the Airbnb, had some dinner and finished packing, we stayed outside in the garden chilling to some music and taking in the countryside vibes.

Before we knew it, we were then off on the plane jetting back to England.