Bucketlist - Gareth Goes Places


My bucket list consists of various things, some private, some public. Since this is my travel blog, I’ll share my travel/adventure bucket list with you below.

Keep in mind, this list is still growing whilst also still shortening with some of them being ticked off. In random order…

  1. Skydiving – September
  2. Walk across Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay (Germany)
  3. Eat fajitas in Mexico
  4. Surfing
  5. Live in another country for some time
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. Drive a dune buggy in the desert
  8. Ride a dune buggy in the mountains
  9. Go white water rafting
  10. Go Blackwater rafting
  11. Go quad biking in the desert
  12. Go quad biking up a mountain
  13. Go on a road trip aboard
  14. Go on a solo travel adventure
  15. Outdoor climbing
  16. Hold a snake
  17. Go quad-biking abroad
  18. Make a travel video
  19. See the pyramids and go inside
  20. Visit Thailand
  21. Visit Australia
  22. Climb up a volcano
  23. Jet skiing
  24. Canoeing
  25. Paragliding